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His cuddles are the best, laying on my chest as always.
Sneak peek. Messy hair don’t care.
What up yellow.
Letting my hair rest so it doesn’t melt off.  Covering my face because I look haggard. Woo.
Conditioner, scarf, sleep.
My battery shit out on me so I went and picked up this cute little piece~
I thought @tylercarter4l liked my new ink, I got ecstatic until I realized there is two L’s in that IG name and it wasn’t him..
I’d like to thank the devil inside for slamming so many doors, but I thank God for opening so many more.

#woeisme back when they were good. #favoritesong #since2010 @tylercarter4l #tylercarter
Stencil is drying, going under the needle once again ~
Just me, my vape pen, rum and coke, listening to Issues in a bubble bath. #relaxation #metime #quiettime


my friend took this in chicago at 7 in the morning


Relatable posts daily?

Relatable posts daily?